ESO 4 B&G 6

Dynamics of Ecosystems

What to Learn

  • Ecosystems: concept, components. The Ecosphere.
  • Ecological factors; conditions and resources. Limiting factors. Tolerance curves. Ecological niche. Habitat.
  • Ecological factors in land ecosystems.
  • Ecological factors in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Ecological succession.
  • Biotic interactions: intraspecific and interspecific interactions.
  • Population growth. Positive and negative feedback in the interspecific interactions. Plagues and their control.
  • Feeding interactions: flow of energy and matter in the ecosystems; producers, consumers and decomposers; food chains and food webs; trophic pyramids.
  • Biogeochemical cycles.
  • Atmospheric pollution: the greenhouse effect and the global warming; the slimming of the ozone layer; acid precipitations.
  • Water consumption: water treatment and sewage treatment.
  • Water pollution: fertilisers, industrial pollutants, thermal pollution.
  • Other major human influences in the ecosystems.

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