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ESO 1. Science

Topic 1. The Earth in the Universe

Audio file from the Apollo 13 mission.

Listen to one of the most frightening moments ever lived in space.

ESO 2. Science


ESO 3. Biology and Geology


ESO 4. Biology and Geology

Topic 3. The Evolution of Living Matter

Naked evolution.

It's 150 years since Darwin's theory of Evolution was presented to the Linnean Society, and so we've Naturally Selected the Science of Evolution! We find out why scientists have revisited a textbook example of natural selection in action, find out why horny sheep are gambling on good weather and how bacteria in the lab can evolve into a new species! We find out why tragedy almost kept Darwin's ideas from ever being seen, by looking at the archives of his own letters. Plus, why crocodiles chat from inside their eggs, a new way to send messages underwater and why Martian soil would be good for growing cabbages! And in kitchen science we find out which surface is best for keeping ice cool.

Streamed from the Naked Scientists podcast

Topic 4. Natural History of the Earth