ESO 1. Science

1. The Earth in the Universe

Audio file from the Apollo 13 missionListen to one of the most frightening moments ever lived in space.

7. Prokaryotes, Protozoa, Algae and Fungi

Fungi: the good, the bad and the edibleThough fungi are essential in the production of bread, beer and cheese, they can also be a threat to human life in the form of infection and deadly disease. Fungi experts discuss the diverse nature of this underappreciated kingdom.Streamed from Science Friday

ESO 2. Science

2. Energy

A truly green source of energy: algaeIra Flatow and guests discuss the future of algae-based energy, including plans for a new algae-fueled power plant in Venice, Italy, and biologist Jerry Brand explains why biotech companies are taking samples from his extensive algae collection.Streamed from Science Friday

9. Interaction and Coordination in Living Beings

Butterfly larvae trick ants with scent and soundEcologists report in Science how a species of butterfly tricks red ants into caring for them. The larvae chemically "smell" like ants, and can imitate noises that the ant queens make.Streamed from

ESO 3. Biology and Geology

ESO 4. Biology and Geology

3. The Evolution of Living Matter

Naked evolutionIt's 150 years since Darwin's theory of Evolution was presented to the Linnean Society, and so we've Naturally Selected the Science of Evolution! We find out why scientists have revisited a textbook example of natural selection in action, find out why horny sheep are gambling on good weather and how bacteria in the lab can evolve into a new species! We find out why tragedy almost kept Darwin's ideas from ever being seen, by looking at the archives of his own letters. Plus, why crocodiles chat from inside their eggs, a new way to send messages underwater and why Martian soil would be good for growing cabbages! And in kitchen science we find out which surface is best for keeping ice cool.Streamed from the Naked Scientists podcast

Charles Darwin in AustraliaProfessor Frank Nicholas has written a book called Charles Darwin in Australia, in which he writes about Darwin's experiences while in this country during the Beagle's expedition.Streamed from the Ockham's Razor podcast

Lamarck's evolutionBefore Darwin, Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck devised the first theory of evolution in 1809. However, it was discredited by most in the scientific community once Darwin published his theory of evolution by natural selection, 50 years later. Ross Honeywill tells us this fascinating story.Streamed from the Ockham's Razor podcast

4. Natural History of the Earth

Fossilised fence postsHow much time does wood take to fossilise?Streamed from the Naked Scientists QOW podcast

Did bugs do in the Dinos?Did a massive asteroid kill off the dinosaurs? Maybe not. Entomologist George Poinar thinks something much smaller might have done the job.Streamed from the NOVA Science Now podcast

Anthropologist Donald Johanson On "Lucy's Legacy"In 1974, Donald Johanson discovered the fossil he dubbed "Lucy", a previously unknown species of ancient hominid. Johanson talks about what the discovery meant for the human family tree and discusses his new book Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins.Streamed from